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Florence Chard Dacey

I am a published poet, retired creative writing teacher and long-time resident of Minnesota.

I am the athor of four previously published poetry collections.

My latest book THE MERCY OF STONE, POEMS FROM FIFTY YEARS (Midwest Villages & Voices, 2023) is available now!  Please go to my contact page to order a copy.

My poetry draws on my life experiences as a woman, mother and grandmother and reflects my involvement as a feminist, peace and justice activist, and advocate for the earth and water.

During my thirty-year career as a teaching-artist, I led hundreds of creative writing workshops and residencies in schools, nursing homes, recovery programs and community centers throughout Minnesota.

Retired now, I devote much of my remaining time and energy to my family, friends, and writing. I also enjoy reading, music, and a good party.

The Mercy of Stone_cvr_R2 2.jpeg
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